Professional Treatments

The results achieved using the nimue home care programmes are impressive, but when combined with the professional nimue treatments available in the skin treatment salon, results are outstanding. The expertise of nimue and the skin treatment professional is combined to treat and improve skin condition and health.

This is made possible due to the expertly designed results orientated treatments aimed at solving specific concerns pertaining to each skin classification.

These treatment programmes are only performed by highly qualified nimue skin treatment professionals.

Body contour treatment for cellulite

This treatment is specifically designed to target affected areas. It includes exfoliation, which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

The Body Contouring Gel is a mineral rich formulation that stimulates the metabolism, activating the body�s fat-burning process with detoxifying benefits.

Due to the effective blood circulation this visibly improves skin texture.

Specialised skin treatment for dry skin

This treatment is ideal for a dry and dehydrated skin. The treatment includes a deep exfoliation in combination with a Glycolic body peel and a mask and massage that leaves the skin rejuvenated, smooth and hydrated.

Stretchmark and scar treatment

Professional Scar and Stretch mark treatments offer solutions for the treatment of new scars and stretch marks. It includes deep exfoliation with Glycolic Body Peel and Bio Active Complex for skin rejuvenation. The professional treatment should be used in conjunction with the home care range.