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Cancellation & No Show Policy

Cancellation & No Show Policy

With every professional business there is a serious side... Thank you for taking the time to read, understand & appreciate how we can bring you the best customer service.

Please help us maintain this good service by providing us with the following courtesy.

We understand that circumstances arise that do not allow you to keep your appointment, but please remember to be courteous to us and our other clients by calling 24 hours 48 hours prior to your appointment to cancel if you cannot make it. (Appointment of 1hr or more require 48 hours notice)

We require that you call one full working day prior to your appointment date.

You may also leave a voicemail to cancel your appointment. Please call as soon as you know you cannot make your appointment so that we may attempt to schedule and service another client.

When you book an appointment at Lillian's Beauty Salon, that appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. Cancellations within the time stipulated in our cancellation policy will allow us to allocate this space to someone else without it affecting our ability to operate.

Even though our expenses have increased, Lillian's Beauty Salon will not be increasing treatment prices this financial year. We have decided to carry these costs at this time however we cannot carry the costs of no shows or late cancellations as these cause our business to run at a loss.

So the following must apply:

  • Last minute cancellations will also be considered as No Shows
  • In case of two (2) No Shows you will be asked to pay a booking fee before you make your next appointment which will not be refunded but will be carried forward to your next appointment. This only applies if the appointment was cancelled or reschedules is 24 -48 hours in advance, depending on the treatment length.
  • Cancellation must be made a working day in advance, e.g. a Monday morning appointment must be cancelled by Thursday afternoon or first thing on Friday morning in order for us to be able to allocate this appointment time to another client. The weekend cannot be taken into consideration as this would not allow us the time to rebook the space.
  • Gift certificates risk part or full forfeit if less than the appropriate cancellation notice is given.
  • If you are running late you may have your treatment time shortened to avoid inconveniencing the client that has a booking after you.

Thanking you in advance for your understanding and accommodation of the above.

At Lillian's Beauty Salon we pride ourselves on offering you the very best of care, products and services.

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